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Alert Insights & Enrichment bot

Enrich alerts with contextual observability data to auto-investigate issues on your behalf.

Setup auto-investigation strategy for your common issues

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60+ enrichment steps available out-of-the-box

Terraform Script

Run Terraform Script in Doctor Droid Platform



Enrich Slack alerts with Custom Query query response from Prometheus (Via Grafana)


New Relic

Enrich Slack alerts with Custom Metrics query response from New Relic


New Relic

Enrich Slack alerts with Services query response from New Relic



Trigger playbook in Slack


New Relic Infra Metrics

Enrich Slack alerts with Infrastructure Metrics query response from New Relic



Enrich monitor in Datadog



Enrich Slack alerts with Query query response from PostgreSQL

Database Query
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Make investigations faster with Playbooks

Learn more about Playbooks

Frequently Asked

Does it only work with Slack?

No. We have integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Datadog, New Relic and Google Chat.

You can leverage any of these as a way to (a) act as trigger to the playbook (b) send back enriched information to the source.

Does this also provide insights on Alert volume & quality?

Yes. You can use the Alert Insights dashboard to identify the noisy alerts in your channels.

What integrations does Doctor Droid support?

Doctor Droid integrates with 10+ tools across your stack. To learn more about them, visit our integrations page.

How is the data stored and processed?

We operate with utmost focus on data privacy and security. We have implemented end-to-end encryption on our databases, both in rest as well as data-in-transit. For more information, you can check out our disclosures here.

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